Frequently Asked Questions

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+ What is push and pull service?

The push part of push and pull service means we push the bins out to the curb in the morning in time for emptying by local garbage and recycle companies. The pull part comes after the bins are empty: We pull them back to their original location. Although this push and pull service was once part of regular garbage and recycle collection, push and pull service is now an additional charge. That additional fee can be very costly in some cities—as much as almost $1,000 per bin per month in some instances when the bins are located over 100 feet. We provide all waste services to the Bay Area including garbage, recycle and compost bins and containers in sizes from 4-cubic yards to 20-gallon containers. We started Bay Area Bin Support in June 2015 to give people a less expensive alternative. Bay Area Bin Support is the first push/pull bin service company in the Bay Area.

+ What does your push and pull service cover?

Our service includes pulling your bins and containers out to the curb so they are ready for garbage or recycle pick-up. When the bins have been emptied, we return them to their original location. Before we push out the bins, we tidy up the dumpster area to make sure that all garbage and debris is in the bins. We also work to redistribute or push down excess garbage so you can avoid being charged for overflow by the garbage and recycling companies. If there are any issues with your bins, we will let you know right away along with a recommended solution. We do not charge by the distance and regardless of where your containers are located on the property, we will offer you a flat rate.

+ Why is this service necessary?

In most cases, we offer a less expensive option for push/pull services than what is being charged by the local garbage and recycle companies. Some clients prefer to hire us rather than having their onsite maintenance staff risk injury. We also bring the added benefit of having a full team available to service the property year-round. If somebody is on vacation or sick, a property manager might find themselves without someone to pull out the bins. With Bay Area Bin Support you are guaranteed continuous coverage so that your bins are pulled out on time, every service day, rain or shine.

In addition, some property owners have lost parking spaces in order to bring bins closer to the curb to help reduce their push/pull fees. Since Bay Area Bin Support does not charge by the distance, properties can regain their parking spots and place their dumpster bins back in the most convenient location. Another effort by property owners to keep push/pull fees down has been to switch from dumpster bins to carts and as a result losing use of their garbage chutes. Bay Area Bin Support provides reduced rates to help our clients and their tenants keep the convenience of the garbage chutes.

Finally, Bay Area Bin Support helps properties keep their dumpster areas clean and free of excess garbage and debris that didn’t make it into the bins. We make sure to sweep and clean the dumpster area and keep it as tidy as possible.

+ Will my bins be pulled out on time?

Yes! Our crews start pushing out bins as early as 2:30am-long before the first garbage pick-ups begin. As soon as you sign up for Bay Area Bin Support, we contact the local garbage or recycle drivers to determine the approximate pick-up time at your location. If we miss the pick-up time, we cover the missed pick-up fee. But we are proud to say that in the many thousands of push/pulls we have completed, we have not yet missed a single pick-up!

+ How early will my bins be pulled to the street?

Our teams are out in the field as early as 2:30am and we are very conscious of working as quietly as possible so we do not disturb tenants. We never pull the bins out the night before.

+ We are located on a hill. How do you keep my bins from rolling away?

Our teams are equipped with tools to secure your bins at the curbside to avoid rolling down the hill.

+ What if there isn't room on the curb for a bin?

Bay Area Bin Support is experienced in push pull services at properties with limited curb space. If there is an issue with curb space, our teams communicate with the local garbage or recycle drivers for a just-in-time coordination that produces a safe and seamless handoff of the bins.

+ How long will the bins sit out after pick up? How soon does Bay Area Bin Support push them back in?

For most clients, the typical time is within one hour of the bins being emptied.

+ Is Bay Area Bin Service insured?

Yes, we have full insurance coverage and immediately provide proof of coverage upon request.

+ How many people do you have on staff?

Bay Area Bin Support is growing! We currently have several two-person teams providing push and pull services on several routes in Oakland and surrounding cities. The team includes a field supervisor who is always out monitoring our routes and is available by cell phone if you have any questions. We make sure to have enough staff to ensure the best possible service at each property.

+ Are there any limits on the size of a property or business for push and pull service?

We service properties ranging from a few units to properties with 100+ units to local businesses that require multiple bins picked up every day of the week.

+ Do I have to sign a long-term commitment to get started?

You do not have to make a long-term commitment and can cancel service at any time.

+ What days do you provide push and pull service?

We service properties Monday through Saturday, including holidays.

+ How do I set up service?

The first step is to call us at 1-888-920-2467 to set up a site visit. We will come to your property for a quick visit to assess the bin location, quantity, size of bins and access to the curb. Our office will prepare a free estimate for your review. If you decide to move forward with service, we can start as soon as your next service day.