How Push Pull Service Works

Our push pull service is designed to be simple and easy for our clients in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and cities across the bay area. Our team arrives at your property in the early morning hours on the day of service to pull your garbage, recycling and compost bins to the curb for collection.

We provide push pull bin service for many Oakland businesses including apartment complexes, restaurants, commercial, and multi-family properties.

eliminate Debris and Garbage overflow

As part of our commitment to providing excellent onsite push pull service, we will make sure to clean up the dumpster area free of any extra garbage, recycling or debris that did not make it into the bins. We will try our very best to eliminate overflow by redistributing or pushing down excess garbage so that you can avoid being charged for overflow by the garbage and recycling companies.

secure bins

If your property is located on a hill, we provide tools to secure your bins to avoid rolling away. We then return to your property and securely place the dumpsters and carts back to their proper storage location. Usually containers are placed back within an hour after being emptied. Like you, we want to keep our community clean and we understand that our clients prefer not to have a dumpster bin sitting out on the curb for many hours or overnight.

same day Push pull service

As our ongoing commitment to providing the highest standards of customer service, Bay Area Bin Support will never pull your garbage bins out the night before. We only offer same-day push pull service 7 days a week.

free estimates

At Bay Area Bin Support, we want to make everything as easy as possible for you. We will make setting up service fast and easy. Call or email us with your property details such as address, services needed, size and quantities of your containers. We will then set up a quick site visit to the property to determine the following:

  1. Bin location(s)
  2. Accessible passage to the curbside
  3. Property access
  4. Quantity of bins

Once we have completed the site walk-through, we will be ready to set up service as early as your next scheduled pick up date.

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