Client Testimonials 

“They get the job done—and I have money I would have had to pay out. Instead, I have it available to pay my operating costs. BABS is really helping me.” - Bryan Morgado, Property Manager


Who: Bryan Morgado, 43 years in property management

What: Property Manager, Independent Planning Management Company
Where: Walnut Creek
When: Client since December 2015

Morgado manages more than 150 units at seven residential properties (serviced by Bay Area Bin Support), so the extra fees for push/pull service charged by the area’s two largest waste disposal companies would have been a major financial hit.

Turning over Independent Planning properties push/pull to Bay Area Bin Support meant Morgado lowered his push/pull fees by 50 percent. BABS’ style of customer service was another important benefit. “I have their phone number and anytime I have special needs or any concerns, they respond right away. I don’t have to chase anyone down,” Morgado said. With his previous provider, “I’d never get a call back.”

BABS has also ramped up its team to cover Independent Management’s property growth. “They have increased their work force to maintain their performance,” Morgado said. “They get the job done—and I have money I would have had to pay out. Instead, I have it available to pay my operating costs. BABS is really helping me.”


Who: Thakor Patel

What: Commercial Property Owner
Where: Oakland and Hayward, CA
When: Client since June 2016

Patel faced the standard extra fees for push/pull—and additional charges because his property’s bins were located beyond his previous waste disposal provider’s base distance. Nor was there space in the street to leave the bins for curbside pick-up. It was not a good situation. “We were having a hard time with those extra charges,” Patel said.

Patel then made a lucky discovery: He read about Bay Area Bin Support in a property association magazine and called. Now, Patel ‘s bins can remain at the back of his buildings—the most convenient location for his tenants. He pays much, much less to BABS than he did to his previous provider.  And BABS’ service is extraordinary. “They are so reliable,” Patel said. “I noticed the other day they had to wait hours for waste disposal pick up before they could pull the bins back in, but they did. That’s when I decided to give them another property to service. I am happy with them!”


Who: Nicholas Cress

What: Market Analyst, WestRock Services, Inc.
Where: Oakland, CA
When: Client since May 2016

The coffee grounds, cartons, cups, lids, and napkins customers leave behind quickly fill the standard trash receptacles at a typical Starbucks or Peet’s coffee shop. It is a never-ending stream of material that must be cleared and disposed to maintain each location’s operations. When Waste Management added new fees to push bins to the street and return them, Nicholas Cress went looking for another option. Oakland city officials recommended he consider a small, independent company for the job. He found Bay Area Bin Support to be just what the Starbucks and Peet’s locations needed. “BABS’ pricing was the most reasonable,” Cress said, “and they are reliable and responsive. The service is also great—there’s not much more you can ask for.”